Resi-Cago size refrigerated bag that is convenient for shopping.Since you can use it as it is in a plastic basket, you can save time and effort.Because it is a drawstring specification, you can rest assured that even if you put a lot of luggage, the contents will not fall out.Because it is blindfolded, the contents are not worrisome.Ideal for shopping for fresh and frozen foods with cold and warm specifications.With open pocket on the outside for cell phones and tissues.It becomes compact when folded and has a handle for convenience -Since the handle is long, it is easy to carry on the shoulder A stylish design that makes everyday shopping fun.Two colors of beige and navy

Size: Width 38 (33) x Depth 27 (25) x Height 26.5cm

Material, material: (the body) 100% of polyester (middle part) 100% of polyester A country of origin: China

Opening and closing: drawstring specification

Folding size: approx. 25 x 15.5cm Handle: Shoulder Pocket: Open pocket on the front Inside specification: With mesh pocket

Okaimono Bag Garis Brown Grey

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